Tent selection of what attention

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For the campers, the tent is home. When the day after Lawton, in the barren hills or the vast desert, Enron sleep in the tent for you to isolate a small piece of serene space, you will feel, no matter how bad the outside environment terrible, in the tent is forever Safe and cordial.

Size Tent provided space is appropriate, is to choose the most important indicator of the tent. How tall are you? When you comfortably drilled in the sleeping bag lying flat, the tent is able to provide sufficient length? Vertical space is enough? Do you sit in the nest will feel the panic? The longer you want to spend in the tent, the more space you need for your tent. If you go to the cold place, may have to prepare dinner in the tent, then need that kind of special ventilation tents. Cooking a little hot coffee or instant noodles can make people feel comfortable, but if you use the stove in the tent, then the tent should have enough space to ensure safety.

 ◆ Weight When buying a tent, do not forget to bring the tent to your camping site. If you are traveling by car, it means you can be more comfortable, because you can take a larger heavier tent; but if the tent to be north on the shoulder all day, then the weight problem will become a major problem. Bringing an overweight and over-the-top tent can only bring pain to the journey, and some household tents can even weigh more than 30 pounds.

 ◆ Ventilation This is a very important but often overlooked problem. On a hot night, nothing was worse than living in a suffocating, airtight tent. However, there are some contradictions in ventilation characteristics and tightness, so if you intend to go to a cold place, you can not consider the characteristics of ventilation. Most tents are suitable for use during the three seasons, from spring to autumn, with ventilation, pest control, and insulation. There is also a tent made entirely of webs, which are opaque and suitable for summer and Warm and humid areas.

 Materials Most tents are made of different types of nylon, with relatively high strength but very light weight, about 2 pounds per square meter. Some heavier tents with multi-fat coating, or made of cotton canvas, this tent is much heavier. Tents at the bottom and wings are coated with a waterproof coating, used to moisture and rain. Tents also often leave areas that have not been treated with water to circulate the air and expel the moisture from the breath to prevent condensation of water vapor below the sleeping bag and the moisture barrier.

Support bars In the past few years, tent support rods have evolved from unbreakable aluminum rods into retractable aluminum rods or lighter glass rods, with only a few large household tents still in vintage Aluminum rod as a support. This new type of support rods can be simply pulled out and held in place, without the need for some assembly work like the older support rods. When not in use, they can also be folded more closely to take up less space. There are some debates on which glass is better than aluminum. Fiberglass is lighter, stronger and cheaper than aluminum, and it folds more closely. However, the main problem is that FRP is more brittle, in different weather conditions under the influence of easy to crack, cracked glass fiber reinforced plastic support rod can not be repaired and must be replaced. While the aluminum products are easy to repair some small fracture does not affect the use of Jiang, and it can only replace the damaged part.

 ◆ production process Although any tent may be able to use, but in the selection of tents, its production process determines its durability, a well-made tents can be used many times without any problems. First of all, the tent suture should be stitching fine, the use of four-tier double-line sewing method, it should be as strong as jeans, sturdy stitching can provide greater strength and better waterproof performance. Concentration in the tent part of the force, should be strengthened suture

◆ Water Permeability Permeability sleep in a wet tent feel worse things, so the waterproof is an important indicator of the selection of one of the tents. Better materials and better water resistance, is to maintain the tent dry comfort determinants. Sometimes, however, the best tents may be damp when the heavy rain continues uninterrupted, because you will get some water in and out of the tent, and the bad weather makes it impossible for the water to escape from the tent In the scattered out. This time the best way is to stay in the tent does not come out until the rain stopped altogether. As long as the sleeping bag is completely dry, you can still be comfortable to sleep. In this weather, if the situation is prepared to have a tarpaulin much better, tarpaulin tents can be provided with an additional layer of roof and additional waterproof performance, so that your tent as little as possible exposure to water. However, the use of time, we must remember to have a certain tarpaulin tilt, so that it will not cause water situation. The better the tents are sealed, the more water can be prevented from entering, but even if most of the tents are sewn, the interface is watertight and water can still penetrate from the area into the tent. So you can buy some waterproof tape a class of things to seal these sutures once again, which can provide better water resistance.

 ◆ Installation is simple and convenient installation method may make you in the storm suddenly came a little rain, may also allow you to more quickly into the resting state, rather than spend a lot of energy in the installation of tents. In the purchase of tents, the first to find out whether it is simple to install. Then the actual hands-on operation, familiar with the installation method, which can be used in real use without first half-day study, if necessary, to practice more than a few times.

 ◆ The choice of color The preference for different colors may be a very personal thing, choose the color of the tent, there are still some issues to be considered. When buying tents, usually should choose the color clear, non-natural color, which is to facilitate the discovery and rescue needs of others.